Marilyn Monroe, Pop-culture icon

Fifty years after her death, the beloved bombshell is a contemporary icon. From stamps to magazine covers to the big screen, see how Monroe has remained at the forefront of pop culture.

Marilyn Monroe is dead. Long live Marilyn Monroe.

Indeed. Could the iconic bombshell be any more alive?

It was 50 years ago, on Aug. 5, 1962, that the star was found dead in her Brentwood home in Los Angeles, naked and still clutching a phone. She was 36. Accidental drug overdose? Suicide? Murder at the hands of a powerful political clan?

The story is still fresh today, thanks to Monroe’s magic potion: beauty, sensuality, insecurity and talent, all mixed together with a giant dollop of mystery, a potion that has only grown stronger over the years.

Marilyn has never really gone away. She still graces the covers of magazines — three times on the front of Vanity Fair in the past four years alone.

She also remains a publishing phenomenon. There is a flood of new books — fiction and non-fiction — analyzing her childhood, her final days, her passions and paradoxes. Photo books, too. Lovely photos. Fashion photos. Nude photos. From highbrow — dressed in Lanvin — to high camp, her skirt famously airborne in ,,The Seven Year Itch,,.

“What stands out about her for me is her basic human desire to be loved, and how alone she felt. Everybody can connect to that. It makes her accessible.”

“I think initially people are drawn to Marilyn’s image. She had a relationship with the camera that has never been matched,”

“There will always be interest in books offering new perspectives on her life,”

“She was a work in progress. She didn’t stay stuck in any kind of image.”


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