The apple is absorbing every spectrum (color) in the light cast upon it, except red, and because the red spectrum of color is not being absorbed by the apple, it bounces off the apple and this is why we see the color red.


Black is the amalgamation of all color. It absorbs all color spectrums in a light wave and reflects nothing for the human eye to observe. The result is, we see a color which we call ‘black’… but it is not a color. It is the complete absence of observable color.

The color black, is a proverbial ‘black hole’ of light! All light and color spectrums enter a ‘black’ object and none escape it.

This is the signifance of the color black as used by the occult. It is a force which devours light.

White is simply the opposite, in that it reflects all light and color spectrums back at us. The combination of all colors and light frequencies together is what we call ‘white’. In truth, white is similar to black in that it is not a normal color. All normal colors from green to blue to red and yellow are reflections of particular light waves.

White is the reflection of all light waves and black is the absorption of all light waves.


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